Civil War Links

Reenactor Groups: The NCWA is a Northern California nonprofit organization committed to education of the public on the Civil War. Several times each year, the organization presents its living history for the public in many forms, including military encampments, battles, and lectures. The Reenactors of the American Civil War (RACW) is a nonprofit, living history organization based in Northern California, dedicated to both preserving and teaching about this very special time in American history known as the War Between the States (or the American Civil War). The RACW is divided into three distinct categories: Civilian (NonCombatants), Confederate, and Union.  If you are interested in participating in this fast growing past time, you might want to check out our their pages dedicated to helping the new reenactor.

Historical: Search this site by keyword, battle or date for specific information. William & Carla Coleman's Civil War "Theatricals and Music".

Sutlers: The online source for Civil War Reenactment Battle Schedules, Sutlers, Civil War Reenactors, and other useful information.  For our most current listing of Civil War Events, please click the Reenactment link above. Civil War Boots and Civil War uniform shoes for Civil War reenactors and reenactments from Civil War Boots. Fall Creek Suttlery, Civil War Sutler. Fall Creek has been in the Sutler business for Twenty Six Years supplying Civil War Reenactors, Living Historians, Museums, Movie productions and Victorian Era Buffs with high quality reproduction goods to make their impressions complete. They manufacture a large percentage of the goods they sell. A History of Illinois in the Civil War.