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March Through Times
History in Miniature

By Larry Simons

Ever since I received my first box of toy soldiers as a child, I always had a sense of excitement opening them. Now as a middle aged man, I still have that same excitement. I am hoping that I can share this feeling with you by introducing my own line of Military Miniatures.  

These figures are molded in Pewter and of the finest quality. They are sculptured by Chris Munro and hand painted in the most exquisite method. Each 1/30 scale set will be limited to 400. 

I just wanted to mention a few word about Chris Munro. Chris is well known sculptor who besides creating his own line of miniatures, has done several figures for King and Country in the past. I am very proud I have him as my sculptor, and most of all as a friend. We have been working on this project for the past 2 years and now it seems the time to bring it to market. One thing that Chris has done is incorporate in his sculpting a likeness of the actual person taken from a picture from that time when possible. 

American Civil War
My first group of miniatures will be from the American Civil War. The Civil War is my favorite time of history. I love visiting Gettysburg. The location of "The Battle of the Little Round Top" is my favorite spot. So, this is where I start. What I have done in the is take some of the well know individuals, who fought so bravely and inserted a history card that will give you a little brief information on the person.

American Heroes
The United States is a great country in which to live. It was built by our founding Fathers with blood and guts. We have fought several wars to defend and protect our heritage and way of life. This is why I have decided to create a new series, called
AMERICAN HEROES". It will consist of individuals or a group of individuals who honored our country by fighting and dying for America. This line will range from the Revolutionary War to present. It is my honor to present this series to you. The
"CODE TALKERS" of World War II is my first selection for this series.

  Future Designs include several more Civil War sets plus World War I and World War II.

I am proud to be an American and I hope to give you visualization in miniature of the American fighting spirit when called on to protect our country and the life we enjoy.

I hope you enjoy my "History In Miniature" figures.